An Unexpected Owl

We were getting ready to leave work one night and heard the unexpected sound of raindrops pelting the windows. We lined up at the glass, watching the weather blow in.

Ferocious wind drove the rain in around the door seals while the lightning strobe-lighted the parking lot. Waves of rain swept across the asphalt as the wind whipped tree branches wildly and a large plastic grocery bag blew out of the sky.

Wait…what? A plastic grocery bag?

The lightning was straight out of a Hollywood horror movie and we could see the grocery bag was actually an owl, spit out by the storm. It fluffed its feathers and hopped over to the parked cars to get its bearings.

The wind lessened and one by one we made a dash for our vehicles while watching for the owl. I scooted out the door and ran for my car in a commando-crouch, scanning for it under the cars.


Good. It must have gone over to the shrubs.

I made a beeline for the driver’s door and nearly stepped on it as I came around the back of the car.

The owl jumped up, flapping its wings.

I jumped up, squealing like a girl.

My co-workers, safe in their cars, laughed at us both.

The owl and I recovered our dignity and parted ways; me into my car and the owl over to the bushes. As I drove away I couldn’t help but wonder why this barn owl was out in such disagreeable weather.

It reminded me of something the Weasley’s Great Grey owl Errol might do, losing its way delivering a post.

And we were the lucky Muggles who got to see it.

barn owl by Aaron Campbell

photo credit Aaron Campbell