Time travel is easy

Early morning walks were an onerous task this past month; I wanted to stay snuggled in my warm little house and not go out into the pre-dawn blackness. What was up with that? The earth tilts away from the sun like this every year so what was the snag this time around?

When I was a kid we lived close to the arctic circle and experienced the extremes of dark winter days and bright summer nights. We thought it was great but I remember hearing about adults who didn’t like the underlit winters….was I becoming one of them? No…this seemed to be altogether different; an unnatural murkiness, a disruption in the force, night lingering in my mornings and causing wardrobe malfunctions. I couldn’t…put…my….finger on….it; then…..we went off daylight savings time.


It was dark being where dark shouldn’t be that was throwing me off-kilter. I don’t mind some daylight savings time but now that over half the year is on DST it seems a bit over the top.

You have heard of “Intaxication”, right? It is defined as “the euphoria you feel when you get an income tax return…..and then you realize it was your money in the first place.” The night we turn the clocks back and the hour the government sucked away the previous spring is returned falls into the same category. What would this be called? The Count Rugen syndrome?

Now that I no longer work graveyard shift, the night we “fall back” is one of my two favorite nights of the year. The other is Christmas Eve; both call for the suspension of belief and the acceptance of time travel. Santa traversing the world in one night and me turning back the hands of time are similarly magical; they are delightful and once a year I revel in my “found” hour.

And I enjoy getting an income tax return, too.

 Cat and Venus