Meet The Girls

I have been MIA I know, but for good reason: I want you to meet my new friends.

Actually, they are old friends but now I know what they look like, and it’s all because of setting Intentions.

I skipped writing about intentions last year as I was apparently on the two-year plan with getting things done. Two-point-two-five year plan I guess, as it is now April. Time flies.

So hang with me here as I explain.

On the Anonymous Good Turn front, it’s still a lot of fun. Some deeds are not so anonymous but if those people pay them forward the world will just get better and heaven knows we need more people being a force for good.

Practicing Music at least 3 days a week: I manage it more often than not. Violin is continually surprising and I frequently feel like giving up but I can’t imagine living without it. It’s like the violin is…I don’t know…waiting for me to keep practicing until I unlock the secrets.

It is a patient instrument.

I had an “A-ha” moment last lesson where I finally felt my bow wrist move the way it is supposed to and my teacher saw it too and it was SO COOL!

I’m glad my teacher is patient, too.

Becoming more physically fit. This one has been and continues to be amazing. Between CrossFit Spark (CrossFit-ish), my local rec center and Eat To Perform, I have lost inches, pounds, body fat and gained muscle. Last month TWO people commented on how good I look and last night another person referred to my arms as “guns”!

Be still my heart.

Eat To Perform helped me sort out how many grams of protein, carbs and fats to eat and fits nicely with my paleo-ish omnivore self (but people who are vegan, vegetarian, whatever-arian follow ETP). Coming from chronic under-eating this has been a life-changer.

If, like me, you have tried almost every weight-loss plan out there and are frustrated, check out ETP. I am almost two years into it and am in my best shape since high school. The kids and I are a CrossFit/Eat To Perform family as Rebecca has signed on also, and likes the structure it provides. We meal prep her food for the week and enter it into her computer, then all she has to do is eat daily and do the dishes. Nifty.

I would like to say it made me run faster, but alas, no.

However, now I run the same distance then bust out some burpees, crush the assault bike (it is my favorite because it has a fan so you get air conditioning) and have enough energy left to kick butt and take names.

I LOVE being strong.

And now…drum roll…writing.




And I will calm down now because it is annoying, but seriously, I am so stoked I can hardly stand it.

My illustrator said she would be my consultant and so we have this great email system where I draw, she critiques and I draw some more. I am in heaven and I want to call in sick to work every day and make art.

My mortgage company is not agreeable though so I fit it in where I can.

And now, without further ado, meet the girls: Sally, Nell, and their coop-mates playing bug keep-away.

sketch of running chickens

I have learned a lot and will learn much more thanks to mentors who have appeared when I needed them. My 2017 intention is to self-publish this year. For reals.

Stay tuned!



A Closed Mouth Gathers No Foot

I have spent a pretty big chunk of my life perfecting the art of being hard on myself. I swear, if self-criticizing was an Olympic sport I would always be on the podium (and it better be the gold!). While being very understanding of others (and excusing inexcusable behavior in some) I have a history of lingering way too long in bashing me over my own shortcomings. The last few years have brought an astounding revelation: there are people who recognize that tendency in me and use it to my disadvantage. This is an odd thing to know but since it keeps coming back, it is something that is apparently essential for me to recognize, and I think I “got it” this time.

We all have deep dark secrets and here is mine……I say unkind things when I am pushed, (and then I get called on it by the people who pushed me). I do pretty good with “is it true? Is it necessary?” Yes and yes. But when stretched to breaking I flounder, sometimes fairly spectacularly, on “is it kind?”. I stay over-long in situations that are no longer tenable and this pushes my buttons.

So….what is the Universe offering me here?

1. Recognize the feeling that a situation is not healthy and get out, emotionally until I can get out physically. I have a huge sense of obligation to protect others and throw myself into the breach, which often results in nothing really changing and I flame out to boot. It’s OK to say “No, that doesn’t work for me” instead of being the team player and screwing myself over. It’s OK for me to be my first priority and I can’t help those who think otherwise.

2. Keep my mouth closed when I am beyond frustrated by the metaphorical “being put in a round room and told to spit in the corner”. Just walk away. Writing this now the feeling of being trapped comes back; walk away. Stay away. Breathe. Keep myself safe. This is not selfish, it is sane; the oxygen mask.

3. Work on delivery. Another of my favorite sayings (I collect sayings like a groupie collects rock bands) is this: “Diplomacy is the art of telling someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.” Word craft; a finely turned sentence puts me in mind of eating a perfectly ripe peach.

So I am walking away. I will make amends as appropriate (thank you, Al-Anon) and move on. I did my best and there’s always room for improvement and that’s the way it is. I am home with my “work family” now, in safe harbor and I am the luckiest person in the world.






Odd little word, “spry”, and I don’t care for it. I know it is supposed to be a good thing, but it sounds so…I don’t know….patronizing.

1. (esp. of an old person) active; lively.

It was also the brand name of a Crisco-like product my Grandma used; would it make one’s baked goods remain spunky and delicious even when they got old? Makes you wonder about marketing think tanks, doesn’t it?

Snowdog!First night snuggles

I bring this up because Gandalf has just turned ten, which we all know is seventy in human years. He bounds through the snow and anticipates every outing with the same good nature and energy he had when he was much younger. In actuality, I think he is in better shape than he was a few years back; we don’t go for walks; we do dog-trots with pauses for him to sniff and investigate and do dog things….I know I am getting a work out.


When I first moved out and Gandalf was my only companion it dawned on me that I didn’t know how long Norwegian Elkhounds lived and I googled frantically; surely I couldn’t lose him now, too?!


Whew…..average lifespan ten to twelve years; we were golden.


Happy Birthday to the Best Dog Ever!

Time has flown and here we are; everything else is icing on the birthday cake……perhaps the main ingredient is spry.

Winter Solstice 2013


“Well. Here we are!”

This has become my traditional toast and since Gandalf and Pippin can’t hold a wine glass I hear an imaginary *clink* as we salute this night. Christmas lights are bright, my fireplace is toasty and this year Loreena McKennitt has joined my Winter Solstice music companions Jennifer Cutting and the Windham Hill Artists. The critters have dozed off next to me and life is good.

Solstice music

Solstice music

This morning Rebecca and I went to the city and ran a 5K in the falling snow with other batty people. It was a fundraiser so it was good for our hearts on many levels!



Yes, those are fishnet stockings

The costumes made us laugh and my favorite was The Lamp from “A Christmas Story”. This was Rebecca’s first run since tweaking her knee at karate a few weeks ago and then re-injuring it when she had a seizure. All is well; meds are adjusted, physical therapy attended and as we trucked along she kept saying “It feels SO good to run again!”. We are often the caboose; it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. Upright and moving is what counts!

We delivered presents to Sarah, Jared and Michael and made it back before the roads iced up. I got Rebecca snuggled into her apartment and I arrived home tired and happy; a romp in the snow with Gandalf and then I was in for the night.

And what has become of the intentions set last Solstice?

I intend to publish my book this year. I would love to say that it is available on Amazon but, alas, this is not so; the sails have been adjusted more times than I care to remember and what has floated in on the tides of life is that I will write it differently. The exercise of writing this blog (and reading others’) has made me realize time and marination are still essential and even though I have come to this later in my life the process can’t be hurried.

2014: I intend to get this new book version down on paper. 

I intend to continue doing anonymous good turns; “pay it forward”. This is easy and fun. Part of me still thinks I am/need to be invisible. That is a long story not worth going into here, and anonymity suits me.

2014: Keep it up. 

I intend to practice my music at least 3 days a week. This has refashioned itself the most of the three intentions; I am a percussionist but I think I might have a melody instrument in me somewhere. Mountain dulcimer? Violin? Work and life being what they are, some days I only have ten minutes to spend practicing; how was it that when I was a kid thirty minutes at the piano was so bloody never-ending? Oh, wait….it was because I had no talent for it and I would gladly have gnawed my fingers off if it would have gotten me out of lessons.

But music practice on my own terms is….exquisite! 

2014: Play music as often and long as possible.

If I did nothing more than attempt to fulfill these intentions I would be completely occupied. Weaving them into the everyday is part of the challenge and if I just had a Carson and a Mrs. Patmore I am reasonably sure I could take the world by storm!

The night has worn on and tomorrow is Fourth Advent; soon it will be Christmas. To my family, friends and followers I raise a glass of the finest red I could find on sale.

Well. Here we are!




The day begins

I don’t even know how to start this post…I am just so happy I could spit. I do feel bad about killing the ants, though. I was down for peaceful co-existence but they were all about world domination and it just wasn’t going to work. It was them or me.


Anyway, two summers ago I was looking for a place to live, last summer I was trying to sell my old house and pay the bills and this year……I am awash with gratitude to have been given what I need.

I feel like I should sacrifice a virgin or something and of course I won’t but the indebtedness feels that big; beyond words. But not beyond pictures…. so here is my offering; snippets of my days just for you because “To have joy one must share it, happiness was born a twin“.

My friend and I went for a hike, got rained on, had a splendid time. While I have lived here for years, she is a recent arrival and asked, “Do you ever get used to these views?”

Nope, never get tired of them.


Rebecca and I went to the zoo one day and yes, it really was this hot.



The bok choy bolted but the flowers are cute little yellow guys so I am enjoying them for a while. I think it was too hot when they were coming up; I will plant some more now that it is a little cooler. I love my garden experiment and am thankful I do not have to survive off what I grow this year!



Fortunately, the professionals have growing fruits and veggies down to a science and my CSA boxes are like Christmas every week.   

Gandalf dozing on the grass










Pippin snoozing in “his” chair



Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the Norwegian Elkhound.




Last Sunday I rode my bike to church then afterward kept going up the valley. Storms built and dissipated and I picked a few clouds to watch; I used to do this during the long days on the tractor at the ranch.

Look up! If your nose is always to the grindstone you will miss the story in the sky.

More gifts: friends, free concerts and a Great Blue Heron flew over Gandalf and me at dawn yesterday morning. Being able to go to work. Being able to punch out and come home. Knowing that even the tough days have goodness and mercy in there somewhere. What I learned in Al-Anon: One day at a time. It’s really all we’ve got and if someone tells you different, they are selling something. (Thank you, Princess Bride).

 And the most serendipitous finding in ages was provided by one of my favorite blogs, “Hooker’s Horde”

I discovered that Gandalf’s paws smell like popcorn!




Salt water


“The cure for anything is salt water – tears, sweat, or the sea.”–Isak Dinesen

I wrote this post while on a 19 mile bike ride with my new BFF bike seat cover. I didn’t use to need a gel seat cover but one day a few years back I was riding a bumpy downhill and got tossed over the handlebars after bouncing hard on the seat (to gain altitude, apparently). It really is true that time is elastic when stuff like this happens and as the sun was at my back I had the unique perspective of living the event while simultaneously watching my shadow play it out. I distinctly remember seeing one shadow (me on bike) become two shadows (me not on bike) and I thought to myself “Houston, we have separation from the launch vehicle”. Then my face was in the dirt with my bike on top of me. ThanksBeToGod for helmets and sunglasses! My bike was relatively unscathed, as I initially thought  I was, and after I thrashed around and got untangled I stood up and decided to resume my ride.Trek handlebar Then I looked down. Hoo boy…..bleeding like a stuck pig and yes, Houston, we had a problem.

Now this was in the early days of believing that my ex was actually pursuing sobriety; in reality he was using any time I was away from the house to drink himself pickled. I called him to come and get me. He got lost. I called him again and he complained that “they” had changed the road (really? in the last thirty minutes?). He finally arrived. I was not feeling very good by then and I had him stop at a paramedic-staffed fire station on the way to the city twenty miles away. A friend of mine was on duty and I explained what had happened and apologized that she had to look down there to see if I had an arterial bleeder; at this point all the males in the area scattered like cockroaches when the light goes on. She blanched at the sight of the laceration, applied a dressing and since I was not bleeding to death I opted for non-ambulance transport to the Emergency Dept. Now this is the scariest part of all: I got into the car with my ex who, in retrospect, was impaired. I thought I was going to survive a bike crash only to die on my way to the hospital. After a minor trauma workup, some stitches and a couple of hours in the ED, we made it back home in one piece. A few days later I tracked my paramedic friend down and took her treats. She is good people.

I didn’t ride for almost three weeks but eventually got back in the saddle and that is why I now need a gel bike seat cover. Best thirty bucks I ever spent.

One reason I ride is to have some way to burn off fury; something will trigger memories from the last several years and emotions of ferocious intensity will ambush me. Without warning there is total outrage and I understand the quote “hell hath no fury…..”. I run and ride and meditate and work and settle down and get comfortable with this scorched-earth anger; a not very “nice” emotion but there you have it. If I was queen, heads would roll and I know that I don’t want to get stuck in this wrathful place. I cry and want to throw things; I stagger into Al-Anon for support and guidance; help me to want to want to….forgive? have compassion? for him? for me? I don’t even know. I let it marinate. I write, delete, repeat, post; my guardian angels really can fly as fast as my ex could drive. I lay it out on the altars of All The Powers That Be and rest, knowing that I don’t have to know. Paradox.

Then the most curious thing happens; I walk into my house and am consumed with gratitude for this place of refuge, or I revel in sitting in my little yard with Gandalf and Pippin. PippinTookI can play in the dirt in my own garden. I am on my own and I am surviving and waves of thankfulness wash over me. I melt into them, sea foam hissing as it meets the lava and eventually the anger cools; I am left with new landscape; a new shoreline.

I am still standing…..and riding, and singing and and and. Isak Dinesen was right.



Do you suffer from terminal snooze button pushing? Do the sticky fingers of sleep tighten their grip on you when your alarm goes off in the morning? Have you tried every trick in the book to rise and shine but without success? My son William recently suggested the most effective sound an alarm clock could make; the noise that would guaran-dam-tee that your feet would be hitting the floor a nano-second after it went off, snooze button forgotten. Care to take a stab as to what this oh-so-special sound might be? If anyone can guess this correctly, I will send them a Moosepat Originals hand-knitted dish cloth. Seriously, I will.

OK. Drum roll………

The sound certain to get you right out of bed would be that of a dog starting to vomit; The Dog-Vomit Alarm Clock! Yes, yes, I know….this sounds like the name of a band from the 70’s. But seriously, it’s genius and this is how I know.

ACK !!

ACK !!

One evening after work I was making dinner and heard Gandalf preparing to hurl on the rug in the front room. I only have one area rug; the rest of my floors are wood and tile; he picked the 1% of my floorspace that would not be an easy clean-up. Why do they do that? More Questions for God After I Die.

At the first sound of impending rejection of dog food, the salad I was making became truly tossed and I almost vaulted the kitchen bar in my efforts to get to the sliding glass door in the opposite wall, while simultaneously attempting to assume a calm and soothing demeanor so Gandalf wouldn’t panic and run around making puke deposits everywhere.

I failed in this attempt.

Poor Gandalf; not only were his insides rebelling but I had morphed into a wild-haired banshee strewing lettuce greens, moving at lightening speed and coming to get him. His eyes were wide with terror and his toenails tapped a frantic tarantella on the wood floor as he tried to get away from both his stomach and me. The shock of it all at least made his gut hesitate long enough for me to fling the sliding door open and he escaped into the yard, safely unburdening himself of lunch on the grass. Poor puppy. He rarely does this so it was a surprise to both of us. We each took a deep breath and calm returned to the Wholam household. I removed the remaining salad ingredients from my clothes and decided to check on the progress of my flowerbeds; as it was a bit chilly I slid the door closed behind me and listened in horror as the “charlie bar” clinked into place, securely bolting the door.

A quick mental inventory recalled that the garage door was down (no keypad on the outside), I had not unlocked the front door and now the slider was not going to budge. I could see both my regular keys and my spare outside key on the table in the house, next to my phone. Why would the spare be on the table in the house, you ask? Good question; I was wondering the very same thing. PippinTook gazed placidly at me through the glass and resumed his nap; Gandalf and I were outside and it was getting dark.

The ending to this story did not involve breaking and entering; my dog walker has a key so I hoofed it over to her house a quarter mile away (all the while praying she was home) and made it back while it was still light. I let myself into the house, picked up the spare and tucked it into its secret spot outside. Whew, that was a close one. *fist bump to guardian angels*.

All this because of the sound of a dog about to spew. William was right!

The Dog-Vomit Alarm Clock operates at an instinctual level and is therefore impossible to ignore. No time for conscious thought; I was not in charge of my response. Time elapsed from flying salad to out on the lawn? Maybe two seconds. I think there could be a market for this and cat owners could purchase the feline model. Can’t you just see it being advertised on TV?

“Never sleep in again! The revolutionary D-VAC….only $19.95! And if you call now, we will double your value and send you TWO! But that’s not all….for the first five hundred callers we will include a hide-a-key box in the shape of your pet.”

And maybe a hand-knitted dishcloth.

Hand-knitted dishcloth

Colors may vary


Wholam Clinical Trial update

I am learning more every day, the newest lesson being “how wi-fi works at 30,000 feet”…….I was flying to Virginia to visit William, Kate and my dad and had this post almost done. I thought it would be so cool to publish from cruising altitude and hit a key; all my words instantly flew off into the sky. I am still not sure what happened but now the “save draft” button is my very best friend. I was initially bereft but found that publishing this post later rather than sooner has allowed me to add links to local food producers in Virginia and some fun photos; in between tropical storm Andrea’s downpours William, Kate and I shopped at farmer’s markets, picked up their CSA at Five Points Community Farm and visited the farm cat while buying the week’s share of eggs and milk at Full Quiver Farm. So just for you…..a second ago I held my breath and pushed “publish”. Whew. We’re still here. Enjoy!

Here we are, five months into Paleo-ish and finally spring; we did have frost last night which confirms that here, the naming of seasons is like “the pirate code”…..mostly guidelines. Now it is gorgeous, green, the trees are blooming and I love it.

Anyway, I had to have a physical for my health insurance and the dreaded lipids were to be measured. I had not planned on having them drawn for another month but it was time to pony up and see what was up, or down, as the case may be.

I have struggled with a rising cholesterol for about 6 years. Both my parents have been on meds for elevated lipids for years and while we do not have the genetic high cholesterol problem I wondered if it was just going to be the way it was for me, too. My doc at the time wanted me to go on meds and I didn’t. I modified my diet even further: (low fat everything, extra veggies; olive oil), began supplementing with Red Yeast Rice (a naturally occurring statin) and Co-Q10, continued my exercise routine and plugged along. I achieved an acceptable ratio and my triglycerides were OK so my doc and I called a truce and life went on.

Full Quiver Farm

Full Quiver Farm


Farm cat

Farm cat


Full Quiver Farm

Full Quiver Farm

Here are my lipid panel numbers. And remember, Paleo-ish is what is working for us; you will have to find what works for you. 

A few years ago while following conventional dietary guidelines:

  • Total cholesterol 242 (125-200)
  • HDL 76 (>40)
  • LDL 117 (<100)
  • Triglycerides 85 (<150)
  • ratio  3.2 (<5)

After five months of Paleo-ish

  • Total cholesterol 227 (<200)
  • HDL >100 (>50)
  • LDL Too low to measure on their device (<100)
  • Triglycerides <45 (<150)
  • ratio <2  (<4.0)

    Five Points Community Farm Market

    Five Points Community Farm Market

I have lost a couple of pounds and a couple of inches. While I still have the perpetual pants-shopping problem of the waist being too big when the rear fits, I now struggle with this issue one-half to one size smaller. I swear I can see muscles in my upper arms and some nights after work I have the energy to go for long Gandalf walks or short non-Gandalf runs. Most mornings I wake up a bit before the alarm goes off and I no longer take the supplements.

Rebecca is wearing pants she hasn’t worn for four or five years and rarely naps during the day. She has the motivation to take herself out running a few days a week and recently ran a ten minute mile with one of her staff members! Her sibs agree she is clearer mentally and I am positive that this clarity contributed to her keeping her cool when she was taken two months ago.

I love the recipes and the simplified shopping of Paleo-ish. I have signed up for local produce through a CSA program and I am going to investigate the Nourishmat for my home garden. I am going to buy a food dryer in anticipation of preserving this wonderful bounty for Rebecca and myself; we have a freezer and will get to savor the summer when the snow flies again. I will close my eyes and remember this trip and the growing goodness. I hope you can do the same!

See the Nourishmat? Five Points Farm Market

Check it out in your area!

Buy Fresh Buy Local Check it out in your area!

Taken…….and Returned


Every mother’s worst nightmare happened; Rebecca was taken.

Without going into gory detail, her father and his girlfriend figured out where she was volunteering and showed up, taking her phone from her and getting her into their car. They headed to the city and she managed to talk them into giving her phone back and she sent a text to me. They brought her back, putting her out on the side of the frontage road where she finally had a meltdown. I picked her up, calmed her down and told her how proud I was of her.

She kept her wits about her and I did not have to be Liam Neeson to get her back. Her sibs were essential in helping this turn out well and it showed us that we have a pretty good support system in place for her.

But “pretty good” leaves room for improvement. Her phone is her lifeline; in addition to being able to dial 911, all her contacts are in there and with the convenience of speed dial I am not sure what she has memorized. Do any of us memorize phone numbers any more? If we were rattled could we remember them?

The dust settled and appropriate legal aid was secured but these thoughts haunted me  for a few days. What if she hadn’t been able to talk them into giving her back her phone? “What if” questions are pointless unless they lead to some sort of solution and that is what I threw out to the Universe asking for help….this episode showed me a weakness in the plan to keep her safe…..what else needed to be done? We had guardianship established, phone programmed correctly, when needed her sibs and I could swing into action; so what was I missing?

The next morning I woke up knowing. I have found that if I have a question or problem and offer it up for help, clarity and answers quite often bubble up through my consciousness in the still, uncluttered moments between sleeping and waking.

The answer was her Road ID!  I was introduced to Road ID in the early ’90s when I was training for my first marathon. I was working in the Emergency Department at the time and knew all too well the difficulty of caring for sick and injured people who were unable to communicate; since then I have purchased many for family and friends. I think I have had four so far.

When Rebecca needed a medical alert type of ID we turned to Road ID for that, too. So many styles and she loved the fun logos and sayings for the FIXX model! Her current fave is the wrist ID Elite, which she wears all the time.

There it was; even if she had not been able to use her phone, she would have access to her contact numbers on her Road ID! The knowing melted me into a puddle of relief; I had not realized how tightly wound I had been about this.

Now I am even more of a Road ID fan and yes, I think everyone should have one…..maybe two. Go to their website from the link at the bottom of my blog and I might even get a commission if you buy one, and thank you if that’s what you do! If you don’t go there from here that’s OK, too…just get one!

I laughingly say that if I am running in the hills and get eaten by a bear at least my Road ID will be left behind but now the peace of mind for me with Rebecca is what wins this race.

Gone skiing

I am pleasantly surprised.

I thought for sure I would be typing with just a couple of fingers because I could barely raise my arms to the keyboard, and that was if I made it out of bed at all to hobble to the couch. However, I am only slightly stiff and feel pret-ty darn good!

The reason for all this apprehension was my first skate skiing lesson with my friend Nancy Anderson, aka Dear Valley blogger, at White Pine Touring.Before the 3K loop







It was a day made to be outside…blue sky, poofy white clouds, no wind and perfect snow. Our instructor Don was articulate, organized, patient and encouraging; a mild-mannered paleontologist during the week, on the weekends an avid skier with 25 years of skate-ski under his belt.



Don explained that this ski style evolved in the 1980’s from marathon classic cross-country ski races when after many miles the wax would wear off the bottoms of the skis. As there was little to no traction without wax, the skiers would leave one ski in the track, angle the other ski to set the edge and push off. This apparently lead to much controversy among classic-style racing purists and to solve the problem the skate-ski method became a separate sport, with slightly different equipment.


Don coached us through the basics and after our sixty minute lesson we were deemed ski-worthy and off we went to the 3K loop. The gently rolling golf course had a wide groomed trail with classic-style tracks on the outside edges and corduroy for the skate skis as the center “lane”. Skate skiing requires groomed snow; for breaking trail you need to get out the classics.

This loop was 3K of trying to remember to “glide”, admiring the form of other skiers, a few falls and many laughs. We had a respectable finish and the sweat running down my back was testimony to the total body workout of this sport. I was hooked.

Nancy and Claire were here!

Nancy and Claire were here!

We met seasoned skiers, newbies like us, ski-team members and a woman from DC who was here with her downhill-skiing hubby. This is a great sport to try if you are traveling with someone who downhills but you don’t, or you want a break from downhilling. White Pine can supply rental equipment and if you are a first-timer, a lesson is well worth it. If, like me, you now want your own equipment, you can always buy right off the shelf but you can get some fabulous deals at end of season sales and ski swaps. I personally love a sale.


Tired, happy and thirsty (next time we will pack water with us!) we returned to the car. The sky, the snow, the clean, cold air and time spent with a friend made this a day to remember. An ideal celebration.

After the 3K loop Thank you, Nancy Anderson, Don and White Pine Touring!

Gone skiing!

Gone skiing!