Wishing all my “peeps” Happy Easter and greetings of the season!

It really doesn’t matter to me if you are some version of Christian (or other mainstream religion), Pagan, Wiccan or profess no religion at all; thank you for reading my posts and know I wish that “goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life”.

Act with integrity, remember to breathe and try to be the kind of human your dog thinks you are.

We all know there is plenty of badness out there; so be safe, be strong, be a force for good.

And eat Peeps!

I prefer mine fresh, and only at Easter. How do you like yours? Fresh, aged or not at all?

4 thoughts on “PEEPS!

  1. Operation “PEEP DRYING” as been going on since Easter. They are aging nicely. I did keep 6 out of the 12 pack, that was the smallest I could find, to stay “fresh”. I “tested” one the other day, mmmmmmmmmmm.

    • Yum! And if it wasn’t such a bugger to get marshmallow out of the burners on the stove…..

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