My Very First Guest Post!

It’s been forever since I posted anything here, but that’s not because I haven’t been busy.

Au contraire…I enrolled in Jon Morrow’s Guest Blogging course and in my spare time have been writing and re-writing…and re-writing some more.

Liz, Cate and Robert are the editors who have encouraged, corrected, suggested, directed and helped me to say what I mean, and today it all came together.

(I jokingly said once that I was working on version 27 and the final tally is probably not far from that. They get a medal for hanging in there with me).

So today I am pleased to introduce you to Peter Clemens and The Change Blog and my first guest post. If you haven’t found Peter’s blog yet, I can help with that. He publishes some great pieces and I am honored to now be among them.

Without further ado, here is your link. Enjoy!

(And if you are interested in becoming a guest blogger, here is the link to Jon Morrow’s course):

And now I am going to make a cup of tea, watch the wind blow the rest of the leaves off the trees, and think about my next post.



2 thoughts on “My Very First Guest Post!

  1. I just read your guest blog and loved it! Thank you for the inspiring share 🙂 And the helpful links. I am starting down the blogging rabbit hole myself, and really appreciate the info.

    • Kim.
      Thank you! I hope you have as much fun with your blog as I have had with mine. ipage, wordpress and Jon Morrow’s courses have taught me so much. I would love to read your blog when you get it up and running. Don’t let afradiness stop you!

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