Gandalf the Green

Gandalf the GreenThis is my dog Gandalf the Grey, and yes, he is covered in bullsh*t.  Real, fresh, soupy, green, straight-out-of-the-bull sh*t. I had seen him out rolling and cavorting in the field and thought “Ah, now, there’s a happy dog… nice”. I let him bounce around for a couple more minutes and then called him. He came on a dead run.

Oh lordy he was beyond ecstatic; grinning from ear to ear and tongue flapping in the breeze as he pounded home. “Mom! Mom! Look what I found! This is so cool!” He came nearer….I looked closer…..something was terribly wrong and I backed away from the green slime being flung off this fur as he spun around in his happydance. It was just then that I heard the bull bellow; so that was what all that rolling and frolicking in the field had been about. Happy dog my foot….he had found the mother lode of poo.

Keeping him at a safe distance (almost impossible; he wanted to share his good fortune with me), I started to laugh. He was all but completely covered and truly green; the photo just doesn’t do it justice. The really special part, though, was that he had managed to nearly fill one ear!

He pranced and radiated delight, I laughed until I could hardly stand up then I collected myself to get a dog bath ready. There was no way he was coming into the house; I would have to de-poo him on the driveway. He likes neither photo ops (hence the look on his face in the above shot) or baths (although he was reasonably cheerful while we created shamrock colored soapy bubbles) and once dried and inside, the magnitude of the twin indignities of photo and bath sank in and he sulked the rest of the night.

We made up over bacon (the maple kind?) the next morning.

What is it about poo that is so attractive to dogs? That is for sure going on the Questions For God After I Die list!